Redefining the Value of Waste

Circular Blu diverts waste from hospitals and other institutions to create sustainable, high-quality products for hospitals and consumers. This process helps us redefine the value of waste and is used to make socially and environmentally responsible products.

How We Do It

  • Circular Blu works with healthcare facilities and waste haulers to prevent useful waste materials from entering the municipal solid waste (MSW) stream.
  • Repurposed materials are used to make socially and environmentally responsible products. We work to provide gainful employment to underserved populations in the process.
  • We connect recyclers with waste haulers to create new networks of commerce, further preventing the abandonment of these resources to landfills.
  • We provide consulting services to institutions that strive to optimize their waste stream capabilities through engaging their supply chain, waste hauling services and employee base.

All-Purpose Sustainable Tote Bag and Patient Bags

Net+Impact Our line of premium tote and patient bags are made from sterilization wrap that we divert from the waste streams of healthcare institutions. The sterilization wrap is thoroughly examined for cleanliness and hand-sewn in the Boston area. According to the results of a Life-Cycle Analysis Study (2.97 MB pdf - opens new window), Circular Blu bags have been determined to have a Net Positive Impact on the environment.
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Circular Blu Products
Circular Blu Products
The World's Most Sustainable Tote Bag!
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